Ice Cream Catering: How to Rent Ice Cream Carts and Why Ice Cream is The Perfect Dessert Option

You have an event day scheduled and now you have to find the perfect dessert and make sure everything smoothly as planned. You’re limited with space and you need a solution that’s mobile that can be used both inside and out and carry lots of treats. That’s where we come in.

We’re SoCal’s favorite ice cream catering vendor for all size events. We carry one of the largest selections of ice cream and are the go-to place for renting ice cream carts.

When you rent a ice cream cart from us, you’ll be sure to receive the best service. We will deliver your cart to your desired location filled with your favorite selection of ice cream. An umbrella is included for outdoor events. Wether it’s a party, corporate event, birthday, ice cream social, or whatever your occasion may be, we have the right ice cream push cart to accommodate it.

Our ice cream carts require no electricity making them the perfect option for catering all size events, at almost anywhere.

Why is ice cream the perfect dessert? We carry one the most popular and favorite selections of prepackaged ice cream. You can choose what to do include and the quantity for each. You don’t have to worry about a mess and ice cream is just plain fun for both adults and kids and most people love ice cream and have a favorite kind.

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Shawn S