Ice Cream Catering Cost: A Better Choice Starting at Under $500

If you’ve ever had to hire a catering company for an event with 50 guests or more, then you’d know that it’s almost impossible find one for under $500. According to, “The average wedding catering cost in the U.S. is about $4,000 with most couples spending between $1,800 to $7,000”. Furthermore, “For a plated meal, the average cost of wedding catering in the U.S. is $41 per person. For a buffet, the average is $28 per person”.

It’s not much different in the corporate event world where a typical plate would run you about $20 per guest and we’re not talking anything fancy here. If you have a large corporate event, you can pretty much expect to spend thousands. This would be challenging If you’re a startup that likes to take care of your employees or a company that does multiple events throughout the year.

Many large franchise restaurants now offer food & dessert catering services at competitive prices but many have hidden delivery and service fees with minimums and mediocre food,and service at best. Although this may be an attractive option at first for those on a budget, given the number of things that could potentially go wrong with a large size event/order, due to the lack of experience or attention to detail, it might be best to avoid this route altogether.


What if there was a better way and you’d have more fun doing it? There is! What if we told you that you can hire a company to cater your special event of 70 guests, and offer super premium ice cream or a full ice cream sundae bar, all for under $500? That’s right! Delicious decadent ice cream for under 500 bucks. We’re talking about delivery via awesome-looking ice cream carts & trucks designed specifically to be mobile and keep everything ice cold without the need of electricity.

Cost: Our ice cream catering packages start at $349 (limited promotional offer) for 70 guests and $2-$5 for each additional guest. This is for our pre-packed ice cream selection. We also offer ice cream sundae service starting at $499 for 50 guests and $10 for each additional guest. That includes a choice 3 of 10 flavors and 19 toppings. You no longer have to worry about the friend of friend or friend’s cousin who tagged along last minute and you can afford extras.

Unlike most ice cream catering companies out there, we offer free delivery and setup for most local locations and a small additional delivery fee for events further away from our service areas.

Bottom line...when it comes to catering, there are lots of choices out there but none with the added value and excitement of the good old ice cream...and here at ice cream occasions, you’ll receive exceptional service and selection, all starting at under 500 bucks.

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Shawn S