Ice Cream for Weddings, Receptions, & Bridal Parties

Reserve your very own ice cream cart or truck and choose from one of the most popular and fun selections of ice cream.

Ice cream is an excellent choice for weddings and bridal parties. We carry a large selection of ice cream along with carts and trucks available for rental and catering. Our ice cream carts are available in white. People of all ages loves ice cream and it may the perfect choice for this very special day.

Option 1: Ice Cream Catering Truck

Our ice cream truck the perfect choice when it comes to catering larger size events. Together with the largest assortment of ice cream anywhere, it's the ultimate addition to your special day. We pre-pack our ice cream truck with as much ice cream as you require (your choice from our ice cream selection ), show up to your event early with a professional driver/caterer ready to serve your guests at your desired directions. Our ice cream truck is very unique and in of it's own, adds spark and fun to any event. 


ice cream catering truck

excellent for larger venues


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Option 2: Ice Cream Catering Cart

Our ice cream push carts are a very popular choice for most of our clients. They perfectly mobile and can remain ice cold for many hours. An umbrella is included for every outdoor event. Bring the fun and excitement of ice cream to your wedding reception and bridal guests. Contact us and we’ll help answer all your questions.

Option 3: Ice Cream Sundae Cart

With 10 Flavors and 19 toppings to choose from, this option is sure to bring lots of smiles. Please visit our ice cream sundae cart page for more details or contact us.