ice cream catering
for weddings

The Perfect Addition to Your Special Day & Great for All Ages

Our ice cream catering service is an excellent addition to your wedding event. People of all ages loves ice cream. You can add it as the main course or as a dessert after the main course to keep your wedding guests engaged throughout the whole event. We have two options available.

Option 1: Ice Cream Push Cart


ice cream catering cart


perfect where mobility is essential

Rent one of our ice cream catering cart (umbrella included if required). The cost is only $249 and this price includes 50 free pieces of ice cream, delivery, and pickup of the cart from your event location. Of course, you may need to add some additional pieces of ice cream, in which case the cost would be either $2, $3, or $4 per piece (depending on the the category you select the ice cream from See Our Ice Cream Selection). You may chose for us to drop it off at your event and have someone in your party cater it or we can do it for you. The choice is always yours. Electricity is not required at the event which makes us very mobile. We'v perfected a method to keep the ice cream at the optimal freeze temperature. 

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Option 2: Ice Cream Catering Truck


ice cream catering truck

excellent for large weddings

Our ice cream catering truck is the perfect option when it comes catering for large weddings. Together with the largest assortment of ice cream anywhere, it's the ultimate addition to your special day. We pre-pack our ice cream truck with as much ice cream as you require (your choice from our ice cream selection ), show up to your event early with a professional driver/caterer ready to serve your guests at your desired directions. Our ice cream truck is very unique and in of it's own, adds spark and fun to any event. 

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