Ice Cream Cart Rental & Catering for House Party - Redondo Beach, CA

Our ice cream carts are great for house parties and backyard BBQ’s. Here we are at a house party in Redondo Beach with an ice cream push cart and catered service.

Book your event. Choose from one of the largest selections of ice cream and let’s get your party started.

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Ice Cream for Corporate Events with SHI @ Spring CUE 2019

This year, we were fortunate enough to work with SHI and bring complimentary ice cream to the attendees of the CUE 2019 in Palm Springs, CA.

We are available for all size corporate events. Please contact us and we’ll help get you setup for an awesome experience.

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Valentine's Day Ice Cream Catering for Neutrogena

This Valentine's Day πŸ’˜, we catered to the amazing crew at Neutrogena. What a sweet way to show employee appreciation!

Rent an ice cream cart for your next event. Choose your ice cream from one of the largest selections around and let's get your party started!

Packages starting at $349.

We also have a unique ice cream truck for larger events and ice cream sundaes with lots of flavor and topping choices.

Ice Cream Occasions
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Ice Cream for Parties: No Other Way Productions' Holiday Party with Ice Cream Sundaes

Holiday parties are more fun with ice cream. This year we had the awesome opportunity to provide our ice cream sundae catering services for No Other Way Productions.

Now you can reserve your own ice cream sundae bar. Our ice cream sundae carts are great for office parties as they are extremely mobile and be taken right inside your office. With over 10 flavors and 19 toppings to choose from, it’s sure to be a hit for any size party.

🎬πŸŽ₯πŸ¦πŸ§πŸ‘ πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Please visit our ice cream sundae page for more details and booking info.

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Ice Cream Catering for Events - Easterseals SoCal

This year we provided our services for a wonderful organization whose volunteers and staff helped decorate this beautiful #Easterseals100 float in preparation for the 2019 #Roseparade
Happy 100 years of disability services Easterseals SoCal!

We are available for all Holiday events with ice cream trucks, ice cream carts, and ice cream sundaes. Choose from the largest selection of ice cream


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