Once again, we had the privilege of teaming up with SoCal Honda Dealers and the Random Act of Helpfulness crew and provided branded ice cream carts and ice cream to help throw an ice cream party ????, complete with Mariachi ???????????????? for a very awesome young man, and his friends.

Jordan is 14 and he’s a Freshman at El Rancho High School ????

He’s a special needs child and his passion is music ????. He loves listening to all kinds, anything from Classical to Mariachi, but according to a very lovely lady, his Mom Monica, “Mariachi is # 1″ in his heart”.

Jordan loves school, his friends, and traveling. Even though Jordan has to work twice as hard in school to keep up with his peers, nothing stops him!

Today was all about Jordan and his friends. He’s truly an extraordinary young man and so incredibly inspiring! Keep being awesome Jordan! ????

We wanted to send a sincere thanks to Jordan, Monica, SoCal Honda Dealers, Mariachi Mexico en America, and everyone else who took part, and helped make this event possible ????????