This company has been around since 1925. For over 85 years they’ve been helping people. They have one of the catchiest slogans around…”Nationwide is on…” well, you know the rest…
They are definitely doing something right. When you think outside the box, you achieve great things. Anything is possible, even an ice cream cart at your office party. We made it happen. 

We’re very thankful for @Nationwide Insurance in Brea for allowing us the opportunity to cater ice cream for these awesome employees. 

Also, a very special thanks to Nicole Becker and Roberta Hanson. 

We think we’ve figured out the formula:
Stress Kills Creativity
Ice Cream Makes People Happy
Happy does not equal Stress
Happy makes people Creative
Creative employees make other people happy…like their customers
Happy customers make happy companies
Happy companies run away with the money! no no, jk!
In addition to everything else, they make sure to keep investing in great employees who make great companies…like these awesome people do